What is TradingView and How to Use It?

With an incredible expansion of financial markets over the last decade, investors were searching for better tools and solutions to handle their trades, portfolios and make technical analyses.

With an incredible expansion of financial markets over the last decade, investors were searching for better tools and solutions to handle their trades, portfolios and make technical analyses. But few platforms were available with not many features and most of them required technical knowledge. 

Instead, TradingView became popular due to its simplicity, features and solutions offered to financial investors. In this guide, we are going to share with you all the details about TradingView, how this platform is used around the world and more. 

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What is TradingView Used For?

TradingView is one of the most popular online-based charting platforms in the market. It lets investors find the charts they need of different currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks and commodities, among other instruments. 

Thanks to its wide range of features, users can also trade using this platform and perform technical analysis on different charts. Users can search for forex pairs, stocks and crypto pairs, draw lines, and even deploy trading signals

Thanks to its intuitive interface, this online web-based charting platform would let you pick the trading pairs you want to analyse and you would have clear information about the market and how it works. 

The platform includes a premium version that would allow you to open different trading pairs at the same time, work with different screens and get access to a live chat 24/7. This would let you have the most advanced experience if you are a trader or a market analyst. 

How to Use TradingView?

There are different ways to start using TradingView. The first thing you should do is opening an account. This is free of charge and you can start using different tools, charts and solutions offered by this platform. 

Once you create your account, you need to decide whether you go premium or you stay with the free version of the software. If you are a person that requires intensive chart using or that trades with multiple monitors and screens, then the premium version should be a good purchase. 

If you are an investor or analyst that only requires one chart at a time and that would use it sporadically, then you can easily stay on the free version. It is worth taking into consideration that if you want to directly trade using TradingView, you should use the premium version. 

TradingView Features

As we mentioned before, TradingView has a large number of features that makes it a very useful platform for investors and analysts. In this section, we share with you some of the best solutions offered by TradingView. 

Multiple Instruments

You can trade with multiple instruments using TradingView. That means that you would not only find Forex pairs, but you would also get information about indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities and many others. You can compare currencies to virtual currencies, indices and other instruments in just clicks. 

In this way, TradingView becomes one of the most useful platforms to analyse financial markets. Thanks to other features, TradingView is a very powerful tool for investors and analysts. 

Exchange Connector

Now, with all the features that the platform offers, it becomes even better than using other brokers or cryptocurrency exchanges. Why? Simply because TradingView has hundreds of different indicators, solutions and tools that would make your trading activities much more advanced. 

Thanks to this feature, users would be able to connect their exchanges or brokers with TradingView. In this way, they would be able to execute trades and plan their strategies using TradingView. 


The most popular thing about TradingView is related to its wide range of tools to analyse the markets. They offer trend lines, Fibonacci retracement levels, moving averages, volume data and more. The wide range of solutions offered by TradingView became one of the best in the market. 

You can find hundreds if not thousands of indicators and charting tools that will help you understand how the market works and how it could move in the future. 


Finally, thanks to being open to developers, signals groups can share their trading signals with unique indicators such as AltSignals’ AltAlgo Indicator. This indicator would flash buy and sell signals directly on TradingView, letting you buy and sell different instruments and remaining profitable in the market. 

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