Top Forex Signals Groups to Follow in 2021

We need to get ready this year to get the top forex signals groups to follow before it is too late. This is why we have decided to create the best guide that will help you get the best forex signals groups right now. 

We need to get ready this year to get the top forex signals groups to follow before it is too late. This is why we have decided to create the best guide that will help you get the best forex signals groups right now. 

To do this guide, we are going to focus on accuracy, years of experience, trading bot support, regular reports and customer support, among other things. This is going to provide you with clear information about the forex signals groups available in the market. 

Top Forex Signals Groups 

Let’s get right into the post. 


AltSignals is by far the most recognized and accurate forex signal group in the world. This company has been working for several years now. Indeed, it started its operations during the crypto bull market of 2017 and operated throughout 2018 with a massive bear trend. This shows they are able to generate revenue even during periods of negative sentiment in the market. 

AltSignals is offering crypto and forex trading signals. This makes of it a great choice for traders that want to diversify their trades. At the same time, it is good for newcomers that want to learn how to trade and get information directly on their smartphones. 

You can use AltSignals to trade with several brokers. This is going to make it easier for you to start using this forex signals group. Additionally, AltSignals has been providing monthly reports of their trades and they are offering trading bot support. This would help traders automate their positions. 


ForexSignals is another accurate and advanced forex trading signals group in the world. The team behind ForexSignals has more than 15 years of combined experience in the industry. They are now offering trading solutions to the FX market, gold, indices and cryptocurrencies. 

Their solutions are among the best in the market. There are few forex trading signals groups offering a wide range of other signals. However, ForexSignals is doing it right now. By using Telegram, this forex signal group will be ready to offer traders some of the most accurate forex signals. 

ForexSignals is offering trading signals not only for the largest pairs but also tor many other smaller markets. This includes UADCHF, EURUSDT and USDCAD, among others. Additionally, they provide support to the Cornix Trading bot and share trading signals also for emerging economies. 


Another forex signal group that we would like to mention in this post is JustForex. This company is offering great trading signals for most of the pairs in the market. The positive thing of this group is that they have a very small spread on their platform. 

JustForex is more than a simple forex signals group, but it is also an ecosystem where they allow users to trade currencies, participate in events and get the latest news and information of the Forex market. This is more than what any other forex signals group can offer. 

If you want to start trading forex right now, this can be a great platform to use and enjoy. 

Forex Signal Factory

The next forex signals group is Forex Signal Factory. This company is providing a “bridge between professional forex traders and retail traders.” These trading signals provided by this group are delivered to users directly from experts working on this industry. 

At the moment, Forex Signal Factory has a global community of over 45,000 traders. The team behind this group is also providing trade live accounts with their own money. That means that they are more obligated for best performance and low-risk trading. 

You do not have to open new accounts. You can use your existing accounts and start trading signals as soon as you decide to do so. 


GreenPips is another forex trading signals group that we consider is among the top 5. This company provides telegram signals for FX traders that want to have exposure to currencies from all over the world. 

This is a great way for newcomers to start managing their forex accounts. Green Pips is providing between 50 and 100 pips on a daily basis with a media of 500 pips per week. These are certainly impressive results. 

However, they are not offering reports as the previously mentioned trading signals groups. This could be something negative if you want to better analyse the results of the signals. Nonetheless, they offer trading signals for most of the FX brokers and they are ready to help you in case you need support. 

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