Top 5 Popular Decentralized Applications on Tron (TRX) You Should Try

Tron (TRX) became one of the most popular blockchain networks in the market to release decentralized applications (dApps). In this article, we will go through 5 of the most popular dApps based on the Tron network and why you should try them.

Tron (TRX) became one of the most popular blockchain networks in the market to release decentralized applications (dApps). In this article, we will go through 5 of the most popular dApps based on the Tron network and why you should try them.

TronWatch Market

TronWatch Market is a decentralized exchange that offers users the possibility to trade different cryptocurrencies. At the moment, the platform includes four base currencies, including TRX, TWX, USDT and IGG. Each of these cryptocurrencies is paired to other digital assets on the Tron network. According to data provided by Dapp Radar, there were 3,455 users in the last week trading on this platform. They indeed performed 43,614 transactions and handled a volume of $218,537. It is worth mentioning that this is the largest decentralized exchange running on top of the Tron network and the fifth largest platform in terms of users in the last 24 hours. Decentralized exchanges offer users the possibility to transact cryptocurrencies without having to rely on a centralized platform. This provides greater privacy and control over the funds you own compared to traditional crypto exchanges.


Betfury is the fourth most popular decentralized application based on the Tron network with 998 users in the last 24 hours. Compared to TronWatch Market, Betfury managed a volume almost 8.9 times larger of over $224,000 in just a day. Betfury is a gambling decentralized application that provides different gaming experiences for users. The company provides in-house games such as Dice, Auction, Crash, Slots, Table Games and more. This platform is the first hybrid i-gaming platform that is offering real cashback to users. Users can play their favourite games and receive 25% cashback on lost coins. Betfury is also working with a native TRC-20 token and profit-sharing system that provide revenue-generating services for all Betfury token holders. Moreover, users can play games and earn extra coins while holding their funds. The gambling dApp is also offering daily task for users to make some extra bonuses, jackpots and a rank VIP system, among other things. In the last seven days, there were 2,008 users handling a volume of $1,18 million and processing 50,703 transactions.


RocketGame is also a gambling decentralized application based on the Tron network. Surprisingly, 4 out of the top 5 dApps on the Tron network in terms of users in the last 24 hours were gambling applications. RocketGame claims to be ‘the Best Provably Fair Blockchain Gambling Site.’ The company is working in order to bring a decentralized system that makes the whole game 100% manipulation free. After launching earlier this year, some of the most popular games for users include RocketDice, Mines, Keno, and FruitSlots, among others. At the moment, the team behind RocketGame is planning to add new and exciting features to the decentralized application. Some of these features include a forum, blackjack, open poker and more. Currently, RocketGame is the fifth-largest among all protocols including Ethereum (ETH), Loom Network (LOOM), NEO, Waves, VeChain (VET), IOST, EOS and Thunder Core. In the last 7 days, this dApp handled a volume of $1.46 million and almost 3,400 users that performed 382,498 transactions.


888TRON, as the name suggests, is a gambling decentralized application that handled 1,500 users in just 24 hours. The main goal behind 888TRON is to become one of the best gambling platforms in the market. The company is now offering over 160 games and they are offering different solutions with other partners such as 1xBet. They have also their own token called the 888TOKEN that is mined by users betting on the platform. Users get rewarded with 888TOKEN according to their level and bets performed. According to Dapp Radar, 888TRON handled 2,434 users with a volume of almost $300,000 in the last seven days. At the same time, the Dapp has also processed over 33,200 transactions. The site has been offering very attractive game titles such as Dice53, Jumanji, Starbust and many others. Game providers include Netent, Novomatic, Wazdan and Amatic, among others. This provides users with a unique experience from leading companies in the industry but in a decentralized manner and on top of the TRON network.


WINk is the largest gambling decentralized application in the whole blockchain ecosystem. Based on the Tron network, they combined experience in providing games and their expertise in blockchain technology. The Dapp offers an excellent gaming experience powered by different casino gaming sections that include e-gaming, poker, live casino, sports, slots and more. The company has team members located all around the world with experience in game and platform development. At the same time, the team has also been working on how to revolutionize what Dapps can offer to users. WINk claims their 3 core principles are Transparency, Fairness and Wealth Distribution. This is why they want to become the industry leader in Dapp development and revolutionizing the business model to benefit all stakeholders. In the last seven days alone, this decentralized application handled 4,815 users with a volume of $13.2 million. These individuals processed over 1.86 million transactions as well.

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