Top 5 Most Accurate Trading Signals Groups

If a trader wants to base his trading on the signals he gets from a provider, he has to make sure that he is paying for the service of a professional. Technical analysis of digital assets and currency markets is essential

If a trader wants to base his trading on the signals he gets from a provider, he has to make sure that he is paying for the service of a professional. Technical analysis of digital assets and currency markets is essential, but it takes more than that to be able to send quality signals to an entire community and this knowledge is only obtained through experience. Beyond the user's risk control, signals must also be based on good risk management to continue making money even when there are negative trades.

Today we will talk a little about the Top 5 most accurate trading signals groups out there and how their services can be used to obtain profitability in the markets.

What are the top 5 Most Accurate Trading Signals Groups?


Altsignals is currently the best signal service for Forex and Cryptocurrencies, trading live prices from platforms such as Binance, BitMEX and sending signals to all Fx brokers. This group of signals has been active since 2017 and they send their signals through a premium group on Telegram where they also track trades, updating new Take Profit levels and warning closings of operations before the price takes a different course.

Although not all trades reach TP, Altsignals accuracy rates are surprising, exceeding 90% in some months and maintaining a return above 80% profitability in different markets.

You can join the Altsignals VIP service here and explore the payment methods to start receiving the best trading signals out there.


CryptoSignals is now among the top crypto signals in the world. The company is offering the best crypto signals for users to start making profits. Indeed, the firm made it into the top 5 most accurate trading signals groups we currently have. 

Users can simply join by using the official Telegram account. The interesting thing about this platform is related to the number of exchanges customers can use. They are offering trading signals to BitMex, Binance and ByBit users. If you are using any of these platforms, then this top 5 most accurate trading signal group would be your favourite one. 

Additionally, CryptoSignals is offering signals for all the cryptocurrencies you like. This is why we have decided to add this group to our top 5 most accurate trading signal groups. You can select the traditional trading pairs or use some of the smaller ones. 

Saviour's Universal Crypto Signals

Following its launch in 2018, Savior's Universal Crypto Signals has become one of the most accurate groups of trading signals for the cryptocurrency market. SUC operates through a VIP group on Telegram where they emit multiple signals per day for trading Bitcoin and Altcoins on exchange platforms such as Binance and BitMEX. Also, this group of signals allows trading with the Cornix automated bot, which is very convenient for those who are attracted to auto-trading.

Even though some trades can be a bit risky, Saviour's Universal Crypto Signals accuracy rates reward any losses, as long as the parameters are followed to the letter.

Emma’s Crypto Pillars

Emma's Crypto Pillars started as a group of free signals that, due to its high performance in the signals it sent to its community, became Premium.

This signal channel emerged in 2018 and is focused on BitMEX and Binance signals, as well as providing technical analysis of charts, crypto education, and more content that can help build your trading community.

ECP's accuracy rate is above 80% and it also enables automated trading with Cornix. The signals sent by Emma have all the values established for a winning setup, including risk management.

Alex Crypto

Alex Crypto Signals is probably the best free signal channel out there, broadcasting high quality signals through his group on Telegram.

It should be noted that although Alex Crypto Signals maintains a free channel for users who cannot pay the membership yet (and attract more users), it also has a VIP channel where many more signals are sent and crypto content is shared for the training of all members.

Alex Crypto Signals operates with exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Huobi, Kucoin and maintains accuracy rates above 75% on average. The educational content is excellent and the customer support always advocates for the users’ needs.

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