Top 3 Safest Crypto Trading Signals Groups

If crypto trading signals are your number one option to get positive market results, logically you will have to look for worthy providers.

If crypto trading signals are your number one option to get positive market results, logically you will have to look for worthy providers. Crypto futures and spot market trading have been the rage on the networks in recent years, so many people have been filling this need for users, although not all are trained to do so.

In this opportunity, we will talk about the Top 3 Safest Crypto Trading Signals Groups and we will summarize them so that you can choose the best option.

What are the Top 3 Safest Crypto Trading Signals Groups?


Altsignals is one of the most efficient crypto trading signal services to emerge over the last 5 years. With Rod leading the service, Altaignals provides crypto trading signals for platforms like BitMEX and Binance (Spot and futures), which have performed excellently in the signal pool thanks to the high accuracy rate achieved each month.

Altsignals issues its signals through a premium group on Telegram, where users can enjoy at least 3 daily signals with established stop loss, take profit and entry point levels.

To join the service, you can pay monthly, quarterly or lifetime membership and you have the option of paying both in cryptocurrencies (BTC) and in fiat currency through a credit card. The amounts are £ 99.00 for the monthly membership, 0.028 BTC for the quarterly membership and 0.169 BTC for receiving signals for a lifetime. (The last two modalities can only be paid in Bitcoin).

MYC VIP Signals

MYC Signals is a huge community of crypto trading signals of over 3000 members and they are specialized in analyzing the Binance, Derybit and BitMEX markets.

Through their premium channels for both platforms, they emit an average of 5 daily signals that, thanks to an excellent accuracy rate, return juicy returns on the investment of traders.

You can request to join MYC's private communities on Telegram through this link: and explore the different payment plans to decide which one best suits your budget. You can choose monthly ($120), quarterly ($300) or lifetime ($1500) memberships.

In addition to crypto signals, MYC Signals provides educational content about the cryptocurrency market and encourages the learning of new strategies and patterns for advanced trading.

Emma’s Crypto Pillars

Emma's Crypto Pillars is definitely one of the top 3 crypto trading signals groups on Telegram alongside the previous exponents. With high accuracy rates of up to 90% per month, Emma signals have been highly sought after by the trading community, especially the beginner sector.

Emma focuses on signals for Binance and BitMEX, markets for which she issues high-quality signals with all the values set for a winning setup.

The Crypto Pillars community exceeds 6000 users and has only been operating in the market for a couple of years, which indicates that it has had a good performance in its operations. To join, contact her administrator Emma Rosie on Telegram and explore the payment options.

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