Top 3 Reasons to Buy Ripple (XRP)

If you want to know the main reasons to buy Ripple (XRP), then you came to the right place. In this post, we are going to be sharing with you the top 3 reasons to buy Ripple (XRP) that would definitely help you plan your investment strategies. 

If you want to know the main reasons to buy Ripple (XRP), then you came to the right place. In this post, we are going to be sharing with you the top 3 reasons to buy Ripple (XRP) that would definitely help you plan your investment strategies. 

If you do not know what is Ripple, we will do a short introduction for you to have a clear idea of it. Furthermore, we will go through why Ripple (XRP) is one of the most popular virtual currencies and the fourth-largest in the world. 

Disclaimer: this post should not be considered investment advice. This is only for educational purposes only. Never invest more than what you are able to lose and always ask for information to your professional financial advisors. We are not financial advisors. 

What is Ripple (XRP)?

Ripple is the name of the company that has been behind XRP and that thas been working with this cryptocurrency. Although the company wants to call itself Ripple and separate from XRP, the crypto market continues to use these names interchangeably. 

Ripple is providing advanced services for companies that want to send and receive cross-border transfers. This is exactly very useful to remittance firms, banks and other financial institutions. Ripple is already working with more than 300 clients and many of them are using XRP to process fiat currency transfers. 

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Let’s now go to the top 3 reasons to buy Ripple (XRP). 

Reason 1 - It is Among the Most Established Cryptocurrencies 

Yes, XRP is among the most established cryptocurrencies around the world. After Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC), XRP is the most established virtual currency. That means that it is an old player in the crypto market, it has been attracting a large number of investors, and it is also supported in hundreds of crypto platforms all over the world. 

If you want to buy Ripple (XRP), then you will not have problems to do so. Why? Simply because it is very easy to get access to it. While other small altcoins may be somehow difficult to buy or purchase, Ripple (XRP) is supported in most of the exchanges right now. 

Indeed, crypto platforms have even added a wide range of fiat on-ramp solutions to buy not only BTC, ETH and LTC but also XRP. Thus, in just a few steps you will have the possibility to buy Ripple (XRP). 

Reason 2 - It Can Be Used to Improve the Financial System

Yes, Ripple (XRP) can be used to improve the financial system. Nowadays, financial institutions, banks and organizations work with the SWIFT infrastructure. This is part of a legacy solution to send and receive money across borders. However, new solutions that run on more efficient and decentralized networks have appeared in recent years.

By using the XRP virtual currency, banks and financial companies will be able to reduce costs. At the same time, they can also reduce transaction times and process transfers in a much more efficient way. 

With XRP, companies can source liquidity on-demand. That means they would be able to exchange two illiquid fiat currencies using the XRP digital asset. How does this work? A bank purchases XRP in local currency. Then it sends the funds through the XRP ledger to another institution. Once the XRP arrive in a few seconds, the other company sells the funds and gets local currency. 

Reason 3 - Could Be Good To Diversify Portfolios

Finally, the third reason to buy Ripple (XRP) is that it can be used to diversify your portfolio. If you are a cryptocurrency investor that holds ETH and BTC, among other assets, adding XRP could also be a good thing to do. 

XRP could give you some exposure to some of the newest financial implementations in the world. If the XRP virtual currency is embraced by companies, you could certainly be benefited. However, there are also risks related to this virtual currency. 

You may also end up with a digital asset that lags behind other coins. Indeed, since 2018 XRP has been lagging behind Bitcoin and Ethereum, which is not good for our portfolio. Nevertheless, if you think this tendency could change in the near future, then XRP could be a good addition. 

Conclusion - Top 3 Reasons to buy Ripple (XRP)

In this guide, we shared the top 3 reasons to buy Ripple (XRP) that in our opinion are valid to increase our exposure to XRP. Remember to always do your own due diligence and never invest more than what you are able to lose.

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