Top 3 BitMex Crypto Signals Providers on Telegram

BitMEX is currently the third-largest crypto exchange company for future contracts in the market, moving a 24-hour volume of USD $ 2,519,901,008. Trading on this platform attracts a large sector of the crypto community, especially professional traders. Although transaction fees and futures trading is a bit tricky, it is an excellent opportunity to earn a good income on a daily basis.

However, we must emphasize that not all BitMEX traders are professionals and if you do not know what you are doing on this platform, you are destined to lose money. For this reason, many traders choose to trust signal providers that will give them the market entry points they need. As a user, you should just familiarize yourself with the options of the exchange and execute the orders to the letter.


Altsignals is a signal provider made up of traders and provides daily tickets for BitMEX, Binance and the Forex market through its VIP group on Telegram. It was created in 2017 and quickly built a strong community that has kept growing through good profitability rates throughout each year.

Altsignals has more than 50k members that operate daily in these markets, with BitMEX being the most popular in the group. The reason behind BitMEX's popularity on Altsignals is because it is the market with the highest win rate, repeatedly giving members more than 100% return, which says a lot about Altsignals considering that most signal groups struggle to provide 50% profit on BitMEX.

Joining Altsignals is very easy, you can do it through its website, where you can pay a monthly, annual or lifetime membership to receive signals daily.

4C Trading

4C Trading is a group of signals for BitMEX that plan their strategies according to the most important events taking place in the crypto market, thus taking advantage of these fundamentals to maintain decent profitability rates.

The 4C Trading community is made up of over 7,000 members and is led by a group of professional investors who issue signals daily to members. In addition to signals, 4C Trading has some resources for user learning, such as a private blog, a BitMEX calculator and a testimonials section.

4C Trading also has a smart bot integrated into Telegram that is programmed to operate automatically and keep your funds growing slowly but surely. In case you want to position the orders yourself, you can always use the traditional group of 4C signals, which is also available for the Binance market.

This group of signals emits 2 or 3 signals a day, but their results are enough to sustain decent rates of return every month.

Whaletank Premium

Whaletank is a friendly BitMEX signal group that, in addition to providing signals to its members, teaches them how to use its platform and share valuable information about times of potential gains in the market, which is convenient considering that all signal buyers You would like to learn strategies to build your own analysis.

This group recommends personalized risk management that is calculated through its BitMEX calculator and has a free channel and a premium channel for its members. The free channel shows information about the result of Premium signals and sometimes they give away setups to place orders, although most of all they keep the community updated with prices in the market.

Whaletank currently has 17077 free members and 342 premium members. You can become a premium member of this group by paying gold (2 months), platinum (6 months) or diamond (24 months) membership. Although this is not exactly the cheapest BitMEX signal group, its profit rates justify paying the membership with excellent returns.

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