1. Coinbase

Coinbase is a San Francisco-based crypto exchange platform founded in 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. The Coinbase community surpasses millions of users and its market capitalization is among the largest in the crypto space, making it recognized as one of the most liquid exchange companies.

Using the Coinbase application will allow you to operate with cryptocurrencies in a simple and safe way. If you are new to this world of wallets and virtual currencies but have previously used electronic payment processors like PayPal, using the Coinbase App will be very easy.

You can download Coinbase through the Play Store or AppStore (Depending on whether your smartphone works with Android or iOS) and start using the service by logging in. The application (just like the web platform) will send you a confirmation link and a code to your email and phone number each time you access your account, which favours the security of your assets.

In a very direct and colourful way, the Coinbase App will show you the prices of cryptocurrencies in the market in real-time. You can also buy/sell digital assets with fiat currency, convert one crypto to another and access basic wallet services for each available cryptocurrency.

  1. Quantfury

Quantfury is a trading app belonging to the Fintech company created by Gregory Kim in 2017. The idea behind this app arose after years of abusive commissions and confusing options on exchange platforms, thus limiting Bitcoin trading for beginner users.

Quantfury is an excellent solution for small investors since you only need to download the app on your smartphone and enjoy its trading services. Quantfury users do not pay commissions or exaggerated leverage rates. The community will be dedicated to selling and buying cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks and international currencies.

You will be able to trade with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Tether, DAI and QTUM. To start placing orders, you will only have to deposit the equivalent of $100, which is kept as a guarantee and you can withdraw them whenever you want. With them you will get at least $2000 of trading power to invest in any market included in the platform, without commissions or limitations, although like all leverage, you must use it wisely.

The interface of the app is very friendly and its design is spectacular, so navigating through Quantfury's services and options will be a piece of cake. Access the "Account" stamp in the top left corner to access the main options and start trading.

  1. Binance App

Binance came to us in 2017 and is currently recognized as the world's largest crypto exchange company. Luckily, the mobile application is as useful as the web platform, since the interface is simple and its options adjust to different experience levels.

The Binance app allows its users to trade (at different levels) with more than 150 cryptocurrencies. To use the Binance app, you must become a member of the exchange, which you can do by creating an account. Once registered, you can deposit in fiat currency or using the tokens of your choice. Once you have funded your account, you are ready to access Spot, Margin and Futures trading.

Binance also offers leverage (5x or more depending on the user level), although you will not be able to set take profit and stop loss simultaneously as in other applications.

The Binance app interface has a bar at the bottom where you can get the Main Menu, the available cryptocurrency markets with their respective charts, the trading section, the section for BTC Futures and the wallet service.

Binance allows deposits and withdrawals of all the tokens that it has on its platform, so you can find a way to save on commissions and make fast transactions.


There are several applications that you can use to trade Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. However, in this blog, we have shared with you just some of them, which are the most popular and useful to handle digital assets. 

Of course, each of them will offer you different solutions and services, this is why you will have to understand which is the one that better suits your needs. 

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