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Traditional and cryptocurrency traders want to improve their trading strategies over time. There are many ways of doing so. This is why a large number of traders search for forex and crypto trading signals providers. 

In every single market, there are companies that provide advanced and sometimes accurate entry and exit points in crypto and FX markets. Some of these companies have been in the market for several years and are already offering users the possibility to improve their trading strategies and increase their profits. 

Currently, Telegram is a great messaging application where you can find several FX channels that will provide you with great content and signals in a wide range of FX markets. In this article, we will share with you some of the best Forex Trading Signal Channels on Telegram. 

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In trading it pays to be a specialist. To hone your craft on a particular instrument allows you to achieve a better understand of it. At they have done exactly that; a deep knowledge and consistent trading style allows them to achieve a high success rate that rivals most signal providers.

Free Channel Link ->

The core speciality is in the pair XAUUSD (Gold), and those that have traded this know that mastering its behaviour or timing is the key to profit. To the uninitiated, the truth is that it's more than a head scratching exercise, and there are times when it can be very fruitful.

The team at GoldSignals focuses on XAUUSD and a few major FX pairs, it's clear they focus on trending markets which have potential for a low risk, high reward trading style. The team has concentrated trading of XAUUSD (Gold) in a niche time frame, and with the proper understanding of its behaviour, one can profit greatly from it.

Trades usually play out over the course of a day. Quality trades with a high win rate only ever exposing one trade at a time on gold. Signals like this makes it easier for the user to actually enter and mirrors how institutions trade. are offering a subscription to access the trades they take on their Telegram channel, as well as a page dedicated to market analysis and related market news. is keen to educate and build up traders of all experience with their 1-1 support and guidance.

  • Exchanges supported: Most FX brokers are supported by this forex trading signal channel
  • Languages supported: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
  • Reports: Yes
  • Trading Preiod: Daily
  • Support: 1-1 24H support

2. 🔥

If you want to have an accurate and profitable group to trade in the forex market, then you should take into consideration This is one of the most advanced and unique signals channels for users that are working and trading in the forex market.

Free Channel Link (Private 🔒)


Official Website


👉 August Results

The reason we decided to add this forex trading signal channel is because of its unique services that is offering. Forex Signals was founded by a team of financial experts that has several years of experience in the financial and forex markets and that are currently providing some of the most valuable solutions for users around the world. profit

The team is now providing you with access to the best FX, Gold, Indices and Crypto Signals just by purchasing a subscription to their Telegram channels. The experts are located in the United Kingdom and are offering forex trading signal not only in English but also in other languages if requested.

The main reason to trust this forex trading signal channel is because they have been offering solutions for all the forex pairs you can imagine. You can find the most popular ones such as EUR/USD, GBP/EUR or GBP/USD but also USD/CAD or AUD/CHF among others.

While many groups in the market are not offering solutions for emerging currencies, Forex Signals is ready to share these signals with you in just a few seconds.

The team behind Forex Signals is already handling more than 25k members in a wide range of channels and VIP groups on Telegram that are allowing users to make profits while following expert traders in the forex market. This is definitely one of the best top 10 forex trading signal channels on Telegram, that would allow you to gain some of the best knowledge about the forex and international markets.

If you want to be part of the forex trading signal channel community, then Forex Signals is going to be among the best groups you can start following right now to receive forex trading signals.

  • Exchanges supported: Most FX brokers are supported by this forex trading signal channel
  • Languages supported: English and others (by request)
  • Reports: Yes
  • Trading Period: Daily

3. ApexBull

ApexBull is also one of the largest FX trading signals groups in the market with thousands of users on its Telegram channels. The team behind ApexBull claims to have more than 10 years of experience on WallStreet and financial markets. This is one of the most accurate trading signals channels for the forex market. Indeed, we want to make sure you have access to some of the best companies offering trading services right now.

ApexBull is a recognized company in the industry thanks to its forex, indices, and gold daily signals. Investors search for high-quality trading signals, and ApexBull, thanks to its founder with more than 20 years of experience in Wall Street, offers some of the most accurate forex, indices and gold daily signals. Additionally, ApexBull has been recognized as one of the few Forex trading signals channels on Telegram offering educational content and forex courses for new comers and advanced traders.

They are also sharing private indicators that provide some of the most accurate trading signals right now. The indicator created is extremely powerful and it can be used to trade different trends.

In addition to it, thy offer a beginner training course and a VIP chat that makes it easier for users to learn the basics about the Forex market. Moreover, they have a community from all around the world that trades a wide range of assets including digital assets, forex, gold and indices.

Start getting the best trading signals from ApexBull from their official Telegram channel:

  • Exchanges supported: FX
  • Languages supported: English
  • Reports: Yes
  • Trading Period: Short, Mid, Long

4. AltSignals FX Trading Signals

AltSignals is one of the largest and most recognized FX and crypto trading signals providers on Telegram. Indeed, the company has been operating since 2017 and it is already offering users with great entry and exit points in Forex. 

The firm is also providing users with in-depth analysis which many other trading signals providers do not offer. This is good for both newcomers and expert traders that do not want to only follow trading signals but they also want to learn and understand how the market behaves. 

AltSignals has already attracted more than 80,000 individuals and customers that are enjoying the services provided by the company. Moreover, the team behind AltSignals is providing information in several languages, including English, Russian and Spanish, showing the wide range of customers they have. 

Furthermore, AltSignals focuses on quality rather than quantity. The main goal is to achieve good profits but without exaggerating with the number of signals sent to traders. They are also releasing monthly reports to show customers which were the best trades and those with the largest profits. 

Finally, the team at AltSignals wants to provide transparency. This is why they are usually available to answer the questions of traders and clients that want to have more information about specific trades or how the signals work. 

  • Exchanges supported: Any Forex broker available in the market
  • Languages supported: English, Spanish, Russian
  • Reports: Yes
  • Trading Period: Short, Mid, Long
AltSignals Forex Trading Channel

The team behind AltSignals is ready to help you deal with your trades and set them up in order to start trading currencies. There is a wide range of currencies supported by AltSignals, which would improve your trading strategies and have a diverse number of tools to reduce your exposure to some trading pairs. Furthermore, you can start chatting with the team that will be more than glad to help you with the things you need and search for the best solutions to meet your demands.

5. BullDog Signals

BullDog Signals is providing FX trading signals to traders from all over the world. Indeed, they have thousands of members and they provide valuable content to users on a daily basis. The team claims they have more than 10 years of experience in the industry and claim to be the "BullDogs of the Forex Market."

Free Channel Link


The team behind BullDog Signals is sharing with users a wide range of trades in the FX market, including XAU/USD, USD/JPY, and GBPUSD, among others. They are also helping users to trade with leverage. This allows traders to get larger exposure to the market.

Each time that they provide signals they inform different take profit levels in order for users to get out or in with a clear strategy. They are also providing other paid services that are good for more professional users and traders. This can help users get more valuable information. This is why we have added BullDog Signals to our Top 10 Forex trading signal channels on Telegram.

Starting with trading signals providers is a good way of understanding the market and how FX pairs fluctuate over time. Expert traders can get the confirmation they were looking for if they follow these channels. 

  • Exchanges supported: FX and different brokers
  • Languages supported: English and other languages if needed
  • Reports: Yes
  • Trading Period: Short, Mid, Long

6. GoldSignalsDaily

Focusing on XAUUSD / GOLD trades only, GoldSignalsDaily is one of the best and most consistent telegram trading channels we have found online. Below is a list of their services and what you can expect in their VIP channel.

Free Telegram Group:

🏆 Gold Signals

🏆 Weekly 900+ Pips

🏆 Daily News

🏆 Fundamental + Technical Signals

🏆 Premium VIP Signals 

🏆 Tips 

You can expect to get access to the VIP trading room from as little as $13.99 per week. We still pay for access, because of how cheap it is!

xauusd signals on telegram

7. FXLondon

FXLondon is a UK based leading Gold, Forex and US30 signal provider.

Giving quick, accurate, informative daily signals. Their VIP channels produce very impressive results, often securing upwards of 10,000+ pips every month.

We also like the affordability, simplicity, activeness and customer support inside their signal channels and community.

Join their free channel to see more

Nowadays many Forex/Gold/US30 signal providers are inconsistent, inaccurate and unprofitable.

But FXLondon’s team has a combined trading experience of 15 years making them one of the most experienced and trustworthy communities around. They have been killing it for multiple years now and therefore we highly recommend them as a long term solution.

Access FXLondon’s Gold, Forex, US30 VIP Signal Memberships Here

But, they offer even more… Want To Learn Their Winning Strategy? Want To Become The Most Profitable Trader You Can Be?

Condensed into 20 videos, just 6 hours long. Archie the owner teaches FXLondon’s entire strategy from start to finish. It’s descriptive, engaging and informs you on exactly how to execute a successful trade.

Sharpen your skills and learn from one of the best in the industry.

He’s passionate about helping and supporting his community. And will ensure a call/facetime/zoom or text to guarantee your success.

So if you want to learn one of the best strategies in the business, or would like to follow his daily Gold, Forex or US30 signals, join in now.

Instantly access their winning signals + winning course here

8. Free Signal Pro

Link To Group Telegram

Free Signal Pro is currently offering free signals to traders from all over the world that want to trade in the FX market. They claim to be providing 2 to 5 signals on a daily basis and risk-reward of 1:1 and 1:2. 

The administrators of the site are usually available to answer the questions of traders and what they need in order to follow the trading signals provided. At the moment, there are more than 2,380 individuals following this FX trading channel on Telegram. 

  • Exchanges supported: FX
  • Languages supported: English
  • Reports: No
  • Trading Period: Short, Mid, Long

9. Free Forex Signals Daily

FreeForex was setup to enable forex traders to receive completely FREE forex signals on telegram. This service has a public channel and a private or VIP channel which both are given to the audience for free. This is a new service that only started in 2021 but you have nothing to loose as it's free.

We're not sure what the owners gain from offering this free service but we have to say we haven't seen anything like this before. We would recommend checking it out as soon as possible - just in case the owners decide to make it a paid channel!

Free Channel Link


As this is a fairly new service we are struggling to find performance reports but for the time being they seem like a very good channel to try and get started with forex.

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