The Top 5 Best KuCoin Trading Signal Groups in Telegram

Trading signals are recommendations created by a group of expert traders and analysts, who elaborate them for better management when buying, selling and trading with cryptocurrencies, thus increasing profits and minimizing losses.

Trading signals are especially popular because users believe that they do most of the work for them. However, traders must also manage their accounts and be vigilant once they have started trading.

While we can see a signal and use it, we must also know how trading works. Furthermore, we must ensure that operations are executed effectively in order to carry out appropriate risk management practices.

How Do Trading Signals Help? 

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The number one benefit of trading signals is that they provide their members with valuable data on short and medium term investments in the market. With the information they provide you can manage your actions effectively, especially in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Trading signal groups will indicate how to manage moderate risk by educating your members about "stop-losses”. In addition, it helps to set objectives and allows the determination of appropriate moments in which to enter or exit an operation in order to maximize benefits. In other words, they provide us with much more profound information than what we can find on the internet or through analysis that we find on social networks

Each signal group offers indications for a specific market and exchange company, so in this case, we will inquire about the most popular groups for the KuCoin platform.

5 Best Signal Groups for KuCoin Exchange

Comparative analysis on top performing signal services utilizing the KuCoin Exchange Market

(altsignals is in not affiliated with below market performers nulling any bias)

  • Signals Blue

The Signals Blue service provides Bitcoin and altcoins signals, including notifications about the goals achieved. Each signal includes a target, a stop loss and on which exchange the operation should be carried out, so they provide signals with a host exchange for their users. In addition to KuCoin, they operate on Binance, Bittrex and Bitmex.

Signals Blue provides its signals on highly dedicated Telegram channels, so each user has their own. Traders of the channel believe that this will allow them to detect members who use their signals to publish them on another site.

At Signals Blue, there are three types of fees, the one-month package costs $229, while the 6-month package and the lifetime package cost $449 and $899, respectively.

  • MYC Signals

 MYC Signals is affiliated with Mycryptopedia, a website that contains educational and informative material about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, so in addition to offering crypto signals, it instructs its users on cryptocurrency trading and how to improve strategies.

It is one of the largest signal groups for KuCoin, as its community has approximately 4.9k members. The flat membership fee is billed at $90 per month. MYC Signals brings signals from Binance, ByBit, Derbit, and BitMEX, each for $90 a month. The service offers up to 5 signals a day in different timeframes.

To provide customer support, MYC Signals offers a customer support service that works 24/7 to solve problems and ensures to offer reimbursement for subscriptions that do not produce a positive ROI (Return on Investment) for its members. 

  • Verified Crypto Signals

This one is much more than a signals group on Telegram. It is a team of registered operators based in the Netherlands.

The service offers crypto signals for KuCoin, Binance, BitMEX and Bittrex, as well as news updates and general market analysis.

Users have talked about an even higher level of accuracy in platinum subscription, so it is worth trying out for those who expect only the best results. The service allows trading with bots, live trading support and webinars, in order to improve the knowledge of its members about trading and cryptocurrencies.

  • MiningHamster

This service is responsible for monitoring all cryptocurrencies and reporting when a good opportunity appears in the market through Telegram. You can also include the signals in your trading bot for automatic trading.

Mininghamster analyzes a huge amount of crypto in different exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, etc. and offers signals through Telegram or API (for bots) with which you can increase your investment value in Bitcoins or FIAT money.

The advantage of Mininghamster is that it works in conjunction with the best robots on the market with which it can be a fully automatic tool to grow your investment.

At MiningHamster, you can choose different subscription plans to enjoy the service, including:

Puppy Hamster Plan: $6 per month. It allows you to see all the signals through Telegram and on the website, it includes API-key to use with a bot and a license for a user.

Medium Hamster Plan: It costs $18 and includes 3 months of service. It fulfills the same functions as the previous plan.

Big Fat Hamster: It costs $35 and lasts 6 months, although it offers you the same advantages as the basic plans.

Bot Plan Developer: This plan was designed for contributing developers and costs $ 20 per month. Allows you to earn additional commissions for each of your clients and every month you will receive signals through a push.

  • 4C Trading

 4C Trading is another signals provider on Telegram. The service offers reliable real-time signals for Binance, KuCoin and Bitrexx.

The service has a focused macro-style for signals, they have chosen to offer signals and about the latest events in the cryptocurrency space. The platform provides support for multiple languages, including English and French.

The platform also has various tools and reports to monitor your own progress on operations. They also offer trading modules for members who want to learn the inner workings of cryptocurrency trading.

Basic packages start at $99 a month, which is perfect for amateur traders but will not offer advanced indicators. Premium packages that give access to confidential information and your smart bot, and they can be charged from USD 149 to USD 199 per month, respectively.

How to Spot the Best Signals Provider

Trading signals are a cunning way to use the experience of expert traders in the cryptocurrency market, in order to distinguish which stocks to choose and which ones to steer clear of. For those traders who want to trade in the market with a stable help guide, any of these groups will be of great help. In order to gain best knowledge of trading diversifying your cryptocurrency assets, these signal groups have dedicated their time to making their calls easily understandable to any novice.

When choosing the perfect signal provider, it is essential to consider the frequency of the signals, the exchanges they cover, and the customer service that the group has. Pricing also plays a big role in making a decision, but considering that there are a few free groups active as well, everything should be fine.

Regarding the calculation of profits, these will depend on how we trade in the market, the capital distribution strategy used and how much we invest. Signal providers are pretty good for novice traders, who don't know much about market dynamics, as they provide a great way to learn the basics.

It should be noted that the capital of a trader will rise and/or fall just as the cryptocurrency market itself does, that is, that it will never move in a straight line, so there is no need to judge a group of signals by present failed operations (since everyone must bear losses). The true effectiveness of signal groups lies in the percentage of winnings per trade and whether you hit more than you lose.

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