TelegramConnector: we help you to never miss a trade ever again!

Today there are well over than 13.9 million day-traders worldwide that risk losing out opportunities every second of the day when not checking their phone.

Today there are well over than 13.9 million day-traders worldwide that risk losing out opportunities every second of the day when not checking their phone, TelegramConnector is here to help by connecting your MetaTrader 4 & 5 with Telegram allowing you to fully automate trading thus making sure you will never miss a single trade action, opening, amending, and closing orders automatically.

Features overview 

Instant execution: Signals from the Telegram groups are executed in real-time, thus you avoid outdated trading actions!

Managed risk: you can control the risk on each asset on every account as well as managing your risk on each trade by making use of different lot sizes on signals or percentage on your balance. 

100% Performance guarantee & security: TelegramConnector desktop app is standalone, doesn’t rely on any external servers, everything is on your machine, allowing you full control, if for whatever reason, our software doesn’t work, you will get your full refund.

Any telegram channel, DIY: Any telegram channel, any message format, any asset class and any number of trading accounts.

More features than we can mention here, things like multi-language support, custom SL and TP levels, expiration time on pending orders... etc, and more features to be added frequently, for instance, we plan to add the ability to read image signals, and more ideas on the pipeline, you can keep an eye our updates and changelogs for more details. 

How does it work?

Its journey starts by getting your login credentials & the desktop app from TelegramConnector, afterwards, the process is easy as: 

1 - Install the app and login with your credentials.

2 - Adding your MetaTrader 4 & 5 account

3 - Add the EA into MT4

4 - finish by setting up your account and asset list

Pricing plans

We offer various plans so our customers can have the freedom to choose the one that meets their need and make sense for them, here is a short description of our planes, you can always learn more in details in our website.

Basic subscription: 

For $34.99 a month or $299.99 a year, you can add 2 MT4 & MT5 accounts, unlimited telegram signals, unlimited signal groups, lifetimes updates & support. 

Pro subscription: 

For $49.99 a month or $399.99 one time payment you get everything in the basic plan + ability to add not only 2 MT4 & MT5 accounts but up to 5 MT4 & 5 accounts.

BackTester plans:

You can use Telegram Connectors BackTester to see if the provider is profitable or not. This can save you money and time when you are searching for a new signal provider. Don't waste your time and money on non-profitable signal providers, start finding your new profitable signal provider today, click here to learn more.

If free is what you’re looking for then we are pleased to let you know that we offer a free lifetime subscription as well, learn more here.

People genuinely like using TelegramConnector. 

A quick TrustPilot lookup can show that people genuinely love TelegramConnector, rated 4,5/5 stars from 29 reviews and counting. 

“This software is seriously amazing” Cicely wrote in TrustPilot, she continued “I'm glad I listened to the reviews and tried it out. I have tried to use another service before and kept having connectivity issues etc. The Telegram Connector, however, is top notch, and runs flawlessly. Follow the set up instructions and you should have no problems. Also you can be sure that whatever signals you are trying to follow will be available. This software can make your signal strategy bot worthy and professional. Love it.” 

Summing up...

If hundreds of people rely on TelegramConnector every single day to automate their tradings and save more time and money in the process, so can you! Join our ever-growing community, get started today.

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