Shrimpy Trading Bot Review

Shrimpy is among the most recognized trading bots in the cryptocurrency market due to different reasons. It became very useful to trade with bots and to automate our trading strategies when handling digital currencies. 

Shrimpy is among the most recognized trading bots in the cryptocurrency market due to different reasons. It became very useful to trade with bots and to automate our trading strategies when handling digital currencies. 

If you do not know what Shrimpy is and how it works, we will share with you all the information in this guide. You will also learn which are Shrimpy’s main features and how you can start automating your trades while using this unique trading bot for virtual currencies. Let’s get right into the guide. 

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Shrimpy Trading Bot Review

As we mentioned in the introduction, Shrimpy is among the most advanced cryptocurrency trading bots in the crypto market. Investors are able to start creating and automating their trading strategies to reduce their manual involvement when trading virtual currencies. 

By using Shrimpy, you will be able to track your performance, analyse the market and trade like a professional. Nowadays, trading with bots became a standard as it allows investors to execute their trades exactly at the time in which certain conditions are met. 

You will not have to manually check all the indicators and market data to trade as Shrimpy bots will be ready to automate your trading strategies, save you time and execute buy and sell orders for you. 

Copy Trading

Copy trading is one of the best features offered by Shrimpy. This feature is already a standard in the industry. Many other platforms are already offering copy trading for users to automate their trades without having to create a trading strategy.

With copy trading, users on the Shrimpy platform would be able to follow other traders, copy and execute the same trading strategies they have. This would also let you use the same portfolio that they have and start trading virtual currencies with some of the best traders in the market. 

Shrimpy also lets you imitate the investment portfolios of funds like Coinbase Ventures, Blockchain Capital or Binance Labs. This could be very positive for those traders that would like to have more professional services and get very good results while trading digital currencies. 

Manage Portfolios

When you use Shrimpy you also get the chance to track your portfolio and the performance that it has. If you have different cryptocurrency exchange accounts, you would now be able to manage this portfolio directly from Shrimpy’s platform. You will also be able to create unique and dynamic indexes and track different asset types such as DeFi coins, exchange currencies and other assets. 

When managing your portfolio, you will also have the chance of using stop-loss and other type of advanced trading tools such as take profit levels (through limit orders) and many other things. Shrimpy makes it very easy and simple to track and handle your portfolio of virtual currencies, no matter your experience in the cryptocurrency space. 

Automate Trading and Learn New Strategies

If you have a trading strategy that has been tested and executed in the past with accuracy and good results, then you can definitely automate it with the help of this trading platform. You can also use different trading strategies that will be provided by the platform itself, letting you have access to automate trading and exposure to the crypto market. 

Usually, institutions and larger investors rely on automated systems to get access to the cryptocurrency market. This lets them improve their performance and also reduce the risk. Traders do not only execute winning strategies, but they also make sure that they have stop-loss orders in place to reduce their risk and exposure to the market if it moves in the direction they were not expecting. 

Exchanges and Wallets Supported

One of the most important things related to cryptocurrency trading platforms and bots is related to the exchanges their support. In this case, Shrimpy is working with more than 30 platforms that would let you manage your virtual currency in seconds. 

These exchanges include Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Huobi and OKEx, among others. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for users to get access to the virtual currencies and exchanges they love the most. 

When it comes to pricing, Shrimpy offers three different plans that would meet the needs of each trader. 

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