OGN Price Prediction 2022

Getting ready for 2022 is something very important. This is why we have to talk about OGN price prediction and the expansion that this project could have in the market in 2022.

Getting ready for 2022 is something very important. This is why we have to talk about OGN price prediction and the expansion that this project could have in the market in 2022. OGN is the cryptocurrency of the Origin Protocol, which was released in 2021 and has already been added to a wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges. 

This cryptocurrency has been attracting a large number of investors and it could continue in the coming months. There are some things about this project that could become very popular in 2022 and that investors should be ready for. In the next sections of this blog, we are going to tell you what this project is all about and why you should pay attention to it. 

Disclaimer: the information shared by AltSignals and its writers should not be considered financial advice. This is for educational purposes only. We are not responsible for any investment decision you make after reading this post. Never invest more than what you are able to lose. Always contact your professional financial advisor.

What is Origin Protocol (OGN)?

In order to go to OGN price prediction, we should first understand what this project is offering to cryptocurrency investors. Origin Protocol (OGN) is a relatively new cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem that wants to bring non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi) to users from all over the world. 

The goal is to make the whole industry more efficient and direct between users and individuals. At the moment, centralized platforms for music and other types of industries have high fees for users to enjoy the content. Indeed, content creators would then have a small fraction of the value that they generate. Thus, consumers end up overpaying for the services they get. 

By using decentralized finance, it is possible to reduce the involvement of middlemen and cut costs. Moreover, buyers and sellers would be benefited: sellers will get higher rewards for their content creation and buyers will pay less for what they want to buy. 

Thanks to the creation of two different virtual currencies, OGN and OUSD, there are better incentives in this platform. Basically, people are able to earn a piece of this blockchain network. Moreover, yield is generated through OUSD, a stablecoin that runs on this protocol. Moreover, OGN holders are able to participate in governance to decide the future of the platform. 

One of the most valuable things linked to this project is its team. The team is formed by experts from different fields and companies such as Google, PayPal and YouTube, among others. Josh Fraser co-founded Origin with Matthew Liu, who worked at YouTube. 

Other team members include Yu Pan, Franck Chastagnol, Micah Alcorn, Kay Yoo, Coleman Maher and Mila Choi, among others. The team continues to expand and attract new talents that would like to participate in the cryptocurrency market. 

OGN Fundamental Analysis

In order to have a clear OGN price prediction, we should always consider both fundamental and technical aspects of the project. In this case, OGN is working in order to create a unique blockchain platform that would bring both NFTs and DeFi to more users around the world. 

NFTs have been very popular in the last two years. We have seen platforms such as Ethereum (ETH) or Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that attracted a large number of users that wanted to have access to different NFTs. Protocols and projects then released their own solutions to the market and are now letting users engage in buying and selling NFTs.

When it comes to the DeFi market, there have been new investments over the last few years. Billions in USD worth of tokens are currently locked in a wide range of DeFi applications, showing the large value of DeFi solutions. 

If these two large markets continue to expand in the coming years, then OGN could definitely become a very important player in the industry. Indeed, OGN is expected to make things easier and faster for individuals around the world that want to have contact with these two different markets in the crypto industry. 

OGN Price Analysis

It is now important to understand what happened to OGN over the last months. This would help us get a clear idea of where we are and what we can expect about this virtual currency in the coming months. 

As you can see in the image above, there have been two periods of consolidation with a massive price expansion in May 2021. OGN was launched in January 2020 and it was traded between $0.11 and $0.50 throughout 2020 and for the first months of 2021. 

Then, it experienced a massive price spike that pushed the price of the OGN token above $3. However, this token then deflated until it stabilized in a range that fluctuated between $0.55 and $1.25.

As we now see, there has been a stabilization and accumulation period from the time in which the cryptocurrency fell after reaching its all-time high. This accumulation phase could let us think about a possible move upwards if the cryptocurrency market turns bullish in the coming months. Volume did not drop and the price remains relatively stable in the above-mentioned price range. 

OGN Price Prediction

Let’s now talk about OGN price prediction. At AltSignals we work in order to analyse as many cryptocurrencies as possible, and OGN is one of them. This is the reason why we have decided to create this OGN price prediction. 

As you can see, OGN has been within a parallel channel and seems to be respecting it well. This is something that we mentioned before. As you can see, this information lets us plan our investments for this year and for what could come in the coming months. 

There are two main important areas that we should look for buys. We should try entering this market at the channel support. That means that we should search for this invalidation level that could let us open a very nice position. The next place where we can look for buys would be the place in which the recent structure base was formed. 

There are some ideas that we can follow from now:

  • We should definitely watch for a bounce from support and also from the structure base that was recently formed
  • We should carefully enter with a stop loss below the rejected price. In this way, we avoid creating unnecessary risks
  • Finally, we should target the parallel channel resistance as targets. 

Investors that want to hold this virtual currency for longer periods should look at other levels formed during the bull market in the beginning of 2021. 

OGN Price Prediction 2022

The fate of most crypto projects highly depends on the market conditions. As we currently are in a bull market, it might be possible for OGN to move higher in the next few months. However, we should always remember that there will be a lot of pressure from other cryptocurrencies. 

If the bull market continues, we could eventually see a new high for this virtual currency. This would let OGN surpass $3 and get closer to the top 100. At the moment, this virtual currency is still among the top 300. 

OGN Price Prediction 2023

We should also be aware that the market could enter a new bear trend. If that happens, it is likely to last more than a year. This year could be 2023 and it could not only affect the price of Bitcoin but it would have a negative impact across the whole market. 

It would be very important for OGN investors to be prepared in case a bear market starts. This would help them get ready for it and avoid losses. 

OGN Price Prediction 2024

2024 could be a mixed year for OGN. This would be related to the fact that OGN could already have experienced a bear market and there is a small possibility that a new bull run could start. That could happen in 2024. OGN might start moving higher but at the same time, it might also be a good opportunity for users that accumulated during the bear trend to sell their coins. 

OGN Price Prediction 2025

Finally, 2025 could be a good year for OGN. Let’s not forget that we cannot predict the future. If the bera market ends and a new bull run starts, this could take place in 2025. This would highly depend on how long these processes would take in the cryptocurrency market. Some years they are longer and some other years they are shorter. 

How to Buy Origin Protocol (OGN)?

You can buy OGN in a very easy way. It is up to you to select the cryptocurrency exchange that would let you buy OGN in your region. 

Step 1: Search for a Cryptocurrency Exchange and Open an Account

This is the most important part. You should select a cryptocurrency exchange that offers services in your region. At the moment, there are many platforms supporting OGN trading pairs. Thus it should be very easy for you to find a good exchange to trade OGN. You will have to create an account, deposit funds and you will then be ready to go. 

Step 2: Deposit Funds

After you create a cryptocurrency exchange account, you should make sure that you deposit funds. You would not be able to buy OGN without funds. Most cryptocurrency exchanges offer different deposit methods, making it easier for users to get access to digital assets in just a few simple steps. 

Step 3: Buy OGN

If you have already deposited funds at the exchange, you will have to buy OGN. There are different trading pairs. Make sure that you use the one that will let you buy OGN without having to go through other trading pairs. You can buy OGN using limit or market orders. The funds will then appear in your account. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is now time to answer some of the frequently asked questions about the Origin Protocol. 

What is the Origin Protocol?

Origin Protocol is a blockchain and cryptocurrency project that wants to bring NFTs and decentralized finance (DeFi) to the masses. They are trying to do so with new and innovative solutions that rely on distributed ledger technology. The project has been created by some of the most recognized entrepreneurs of the last 25 years. This project could become one of the largest in the next few years if it succeeds. 

Difference Between Origin Protocol and OGN

Origin Protocol is the project behind the OGN virtual currency. OGN is the digital asset of this protocol. This is similar to how Ether (ETH) works on the Ethereum platform. OGN is expected to play a very important role in the economy of this innovative and unique cryptocurrency project. 

Where Can I Buy OGN?

There is a wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges where you will be able to buy OGN. These exchanges would offer you different services and solutions. It is very important to make sure that you select the correct platform. You don’t want to deposit funds in a platform that has reportedly been experiencing withdrawal problems. 

Will OGN Reach $10?

The cryptocurrency market is unpredictable and it can surprise us at any moment. We have seen cryptocurrencies move from prices below $0.001 to almost $1. That shows that it is possible for OGN to reach $10. Nonetheless, this is not investment advice and it might happen that OGN would never move higher. That being said, virtual currencies could suddenly move higher, but also lower. 

What is OUSD?

Origin Dollar (OUSD) is a stablecoin that lets users earn a yield when they hold it in their wallets. This would let users earn rewards just by being part of the Origin Protocol. If you want to become a participant of this blockchain network, then OUSD could be one of the best ways to show support and engagement on the Origin Protocol. 

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