How to Trade Using TradingView?

Traders from all over the world are already using TradingView daily to trade different virtual currencies and other types of assets such as currencies, stocks or indices.

Traders from all over the world are already using TradingView daily to trade different virtual currencies and other types of assets such as currencies, stocks or indices. But how to trade using TradingView? 

If you do not know how to trade using TradingView, don’t worry, we have a full guide for you. This is a very intuitive platform and a great tool that would let you have access to some of the best trading experiences that a platform could give you right now. If you want to know how to trade using TradingView check this unique guide.  

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What is TradingView?

Let’s start with the basics: what is TradingView? TradingView is a trading and social trading platform that lets investors analyse charts, trade different instruments and get access to unique social trading features. 

The platform has a large number of indicators and it can also be integrated into exchanges. That means that if you want to trade on a crypto exchange, you can do so directly from TradingView, which would let you have access to advanced trading tools that would not be present in the crypto platform. 

Thanks to TradingView, traders are able to execute unique and advanced strategies to trade their favourite assets. You can also follow indicators such as AltAlgo Indicator from AltSignals. This indicator would flash a buy or sell signal as soon as certain conditions are met, so you can directly trade that using TradingView. 

Finally, with TradingView, you can share your analysis with the community and receive comments and likes for the information you share. It is worth mentioning that TradingView has also a VIP option for those users that want to seriously trade in the cryptocurrency market. 

How to Trade Using TradingView?

If you want to trade using TradingView, then you will have to create an account on this platform. This can take you just a few minutes and it would let you get access to most of the features of this platform with some limits to what you can do. 

This is why, if you want to properly trade cryptocurrencies, you will have to buy the PRO version of TradingView. The positive thing about TradingView is that it works online and it does not push you to download other programs or applications. 

Create a Strategy

Now that you have a TradingView account, you should follow some strategies. That means that you should select the trading pair you want to trade and create a strategy. For example, a strategy could be considered to buy BTC every single time that the RSI falls below 30. 

You can create many different strategies depending on your needs, risks and instruments traded. Some investors prefer to trade cryptocurrencies while some others stocks or forex. It is up to you to decide your strategy and your triggers to buy and sell. 

Use Trading Tools

One of the positive things about TradingView is that you have different indicators and trading tools available. You can use a Fibonacci Extension, you can draw channels and charts, you can also use all the indicators you want

This is how easy it is to start trading with TradignView. The system works relatively well and it became one of the largest trading platforms in the world right now thanks to its large number of possibilities offered to traders. 

Follow Trading Signals

Another thing you can do is follow trading signals. You can follow them and add them to your TradingView account so you do not have to manually trade in the market. By using trading signals, you will be able to get access to forex or crypto signals and automate your trading thanks to professionals. 

AltSignals is currently offering trading signals for different markets and also letting you trade with bots. That would make the whole experience even better. If you want to trade with experts, then AltSigals could be a good option to integrate into TradingView. 

Connect with an Exchange

Finally, if you want to improve your trading skills because you are a crypto trader in a crypto exchange, then you can easily do so by connecting your TradingView account to a cryptocurrency exchange. This is something that can be done in minutes and that would let you enjoy a more advanced trading experience with the instruments you are trading. 

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