How to Buy Bitcoin With Revolut?

If you have a Revolut account and you want to buy cryptocurrencies, then you can do so in just a few simple steps. Revolut has added a unique function that lets users purchase Bitcoin (BTC) and other virtual currencies

If you have a Revolut account and you want to buy cryptocurrencies, then you can do so in just a few simple steps. Revolut has added a unique function that lets users purchase Bitcoin (BTC) and other virtual currencies in just some taps. But do you know how to buy Bitcoin with Revolut?

In the next sections, we will share with you the steps that you need to follow to buy Bitcoin with Revolut. You can also purchase Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH), which would make the whole process even better. Of course, there are some negative aspects of buying Bitcoin with Revolut, this is why we will also share them with you in this blog. 

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How to Buy Bitcoin with Revolut?

As we already know, Revolut is one of the most popular digital banks in the world, but specifically in the European market. It lets individuals handle a wide range of currencies, use a debit card, and more. One of the alternative solutions offered by Revolut is the possibility to invest, not only in the stock market but also in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. 

Revolut has offered simple, accessible and lightning-fast solutions to users that want to buy Bitcoin. Individuals can purchase BTC, LTC, ETH and other virtual currencies for as low as $1. 

But how to buy Bitcoin with Revolut? Follow the next instructions and you would be able to get access to Bitcoin in just seconds. 

Step 1 - Download Revolut

You want to make sure to download Revolut. This is an app that can be downloaded directly to your iOS or Android device from your store. 

Step 2 - Create an Account

You will now have to create an account. This is also a very straightforward process that can be done in just minutes. You would not have to personally go to any Revolut “branch” in your city. Once you download the app, you will have to follow self-explanatory instructions on how to create and open an account. 

Step 3 - Buy Cryptocurrencies

Now that you have created the account, you can buy cryptocurrencies. But how to do so? You should go to the Dashboard, select the “Cryptocurrencies” option, read and accept the Terms and Conditions. You should closely read them so you can understand what cryptocurrencies are all about and how Revolut gives you access to them. 

Step 4 - Select the Cryptocurrency you want to buy

Now it is time to select the virtual currency you want to buy. Revolut offers several digital currencies that you can purchase with the funds that you have in your account. You would not only be able to select the cryptocurrency you want to buy, but you would also be able to select the currency you want to use to pay for Bitcoin. 

As you can see in the example above, we want to buy 0.005 BTC for £180,26. Remember that you need to top up your account before being able to purchase Bitcoin with Revolut. The process is very simple and you shouldn’t find any issues throughout the process. 

Negative Aspects of Buying Bitcoin Using Revolut

Although it is quite simple and convenient to purchase Bitcoin using Revolut, it might not be the best option if you want to withdraw your funds and use them. Why? Because Revolut would not let you use the digital asset. You can only buy and sell them, but you cannot withdraw them or receive more. 

At the same time, this could be a negative aspect as you would not have full control over your funds. The ideal way of holding Bitcoin and other virtual currencies is by using a cryptocurrency wallet such as the ones that we could download from the App Store. 

If you do not hold the private keys of your cryptocurrencies, then you are not the real owner of your funds. Revolut might freeze your account and you could have a hard time recovering the funds. This is why you should always withdraw your digital currencies from exchanges. If you just want to hold BTC or other digital currencies for short periods, then Revolut could be one of the easiest and fastest ways to do so.

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