Free Bitcoin Platforms to Earn BTC and Cryptocurrencies

Free Bitcoin platforms have existed for as long as Bitcoin itself has, as these websites have had a lot to do with Bitcoin adoption. Assuming that you do not know what Bitcoin is, and someone gives you small portions of the token that, when put together, can have an acceptable value, you will be more willing to interact with the cryptocurrency and understand its properties.

These free bitcoin platforms usually establish a reward in BTC every minute/hour/day, which are calculated in relation to the price that Bitcoin has at that time. In other words, when 1 BTC was worth $1, these "faucets" could give away up to 0.001 BTC per hour, which today would correspond to about $9.2.

On this occasion, we will review the most recognized Bitcoin faucets so far and why they are special. This is going to provide you with a clear idea of how to start working with Bitcoin and using BTC on a regular basis.

FreeBitcoin is a faucet that offers its users several ways to earn bitcoins completely free: From multiplying BTC with bets, rewards for referrals, passive interest for saving your tokens, to simply collecting satoshis every hour.

The mechanism of this platform is fascinating, since the starting point for all users is to collect their rewards every hour using a numerical Roll system. At the push of a button and filling in a captcha, the system will choose a number from 1 to 10,000. The reward will depend directly on the number you have obtained, the maximum prize being the equivalent in BTC to USD 200.

The free Roll system will work every hour, every day without stopping and apart you will receive "Reward Points", which you can exchange for BTC or buy bonuses for the hourly reward. There are also lottery tickets that you can buy and receive for free with each Roll.

Once you get all the BTC that you acquired using this platform you will have the chance of holding them in your wallet. If you decide to hold the BTC in your exchange then you can exchange them for other digital assets.

Multiply BTC system

This game simply consists of obtaining a number greater or less than the predetermined by the system probabilities. The system allows you to choose the amount you bet, what you want to win and the odds (the higher the difficulty, the higher the reward). Another option is to get number 8888 and win the jackpot to win up to 1 full BTC.

This section also includes a tab where you can play automatically. For playing you will also receive a lottery ticket and 1 Reward Points, regardless of whether you win or lose for each 0.00000500 BTC you have played. It should be noted that the platform frequently updates Reward Points bonuses, which will double the reward in RP for each Roll and in Multiply BTC.

The same in this case, you will have the possibility to extract your BTC and send them to an exchange or a wallet that you own. Remember to always use a safe wallet, if not, your funds could eventually be lost. 

Earn BTC, Lottery and Withdrawals

As we explained above, you can earn 0.0109589% daily interest on the funds you have in your wallet. (4.08% annual). The lottery is weekly and is played every Sunday. You will get free tickets every time you use the faucet (usually 2 tickets per spin).

Withdrawals at are 100% legitimate and the cost of the transaction will depend on the time you want to receive your funds (the faster the withdrawal, the more expensive it will be).

Indeed, when you plan to send your BTC you also need to take into account the fees that you have to pay to miners. The larger the congestion on Bitcoin’s network, the more expensive it would be to send these funds. This is why it is recommended to wait some time before sending small amounts of BTC.

Faucethub is a free Bitcoin crypto platform whose main attraction is its commission-free Microwallet for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Faucethub system is so special because it is made up of a network of faucets for each digital asset, which will be displayed for the user in the interface.

Because users are always looking for the platforms that give the biggest rewards, Faucethub serves as a filter to find out which ones are more convenient. Once a faucet is chosen, simply fill out a captcha or watch an ad to process our rewards.


Faucethub also has three different games with which you can win small fractions of Bitcoin and even quite large prizes.

  1. Multi-Coin Lottery: Lottery game where you have to buy participations to play. Draws are held in different time frames, ranging from 1 minute (Turbo mode) to one month.
  2. Rock Paper Bitcoin: The well-known rock, paper or scissor game. We can multiply our satoshis on each winning move.
  3. Rambo Bitcoin Dice: Gambling where we have to get a number below or above a certain limit. You can choose the "Payout", that is, the multiplier by which we want our winnings to multiply in each bet.

These Bitcoin games are going to be a very funny option to start making some BTC on a daily basis. Although it may take some time before we are able to see some rewards, it is always better to earn some money even when we play games. 

Free Bitcoin 

This section offers users several walls of offers where they can get satoshis completely free of charge. There is a little bit of everything: surveys, registrations, video viewing, app downloads, etc.

You will be able to complete tasks belonging to recognized platforms such as OfferToro, Pollfish surveys, PTC, Wannads and AdGateMedia. The juiciest BTC rewards can be found in the application download section for Android and iOs devices. 

In addition, the platform has a BTC mining window and you can find cryptocurrency rain within the community chat, for which you must remain active and respect the rules.


Cointiply is a recognized free bitcoin crypto platform, it offers its users different possibilities to win free virtual coins, you just have to follow the instructions and win satoshis every day. In addition to it, Cointiply gives loyalty bonuses to obtain greater prizes.

The page is completely free and requires no investment, so there is no risk of losing money under any circumstances. Withdrawals are reliable and supports wallets for BTC and DOGE.


Cointiply covers a wide framework of possibilities for obtaining Bitcoin fractions.

  • Main faucet: Click on the Roll & Win button and complete a small captcha to win Satoshi every hour. At that time, a combination of numbers will begin to roll.
  • Games: In this section we will find a wide variety of games (adventure, strategy, puzzles, classics, sports, etc.) with which you can get thousands of satoshis.
  • Videos: Although there are not usually many available, all you have to do here is view the videos to their full length to receive the reward.
  • Offering walls: This section is well known to all of us because it is on practically every page we use on a daily basis.
  • Mining games: This section is quite original and I have not particularly seen it anywhere else. This is fictional mining is a kind of virtual mining. The operation is very simple.
  • PTC announcements: As if it were any PTC page, here we will have several announcements available per day to view. It is as easy as clicking on the “Visit Top Paying Ad” button, waiting for the counter to reach zero and finally completing a captcha.

Cointiply withdrawals have been certified and the same page offers Payment Proof as well. The minimum withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC.


MoonBitcoin is a great exponent among the free Bitcoin crypto platforms. It belongs to the "Moon" family of faucets, which consists of several pages such as MoonDash, MoonDoge, MoonLitecoin and MoonCash. They all belong to the same administrator and are equally good and recommended.

This faucet makes your earnings possible through a few clicks thanks to the advertising it has on its interface. MoonBitcoin, like many other platforms of this type, offers a referral system that provides 50% of the earnings generated by each guest user, which is a great opportunity apart from collecting free satoshis every 5 minutes.

Rewards and bonuses

Once you click on “Claim now”, you will have to complete a captcha to verify that you are a human being and not a robot. Although one of the peculiarities of this faucet is that it allows claims to be made every 5 minutes, it is not really necessary.

The amount of satoshis you can obtain will increase as you do not press the Claim button, so doing it 2-3 times a day will be more than enough to obtain the maximum possible benefit.

If you want to multiply your earnings on this page, there are several bonuses that will help you:

  • Daily loyalty bonus: You will earn an additional 1% for the next day's claim for each reward. This bonus can be up to 100%.
  • Offer bonus: For each offer completed in the last 30 days, you will add 5% (up to a maximum of 100%) on your next claim on the faucet.
  • Mystery bonus: This bonus is random and is granted by the web automatically simply by using the faucet.
  • Mining bonus: Activating the “Run mining bonus” option that is located just above the “Claim now” button, a mining process will run in the background in your browser that can give you up to 100% benefits.

The MoonBitcoin platform sends legitimate withdrawals to a CoinPot wallet and they are instantly recognized, so it is advisable to purchase it before collecting rewards in the aforementioned faucet. 

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