Crypto Trading: The Good, The Bad & The Wonderful

Bitcoin trading is a simple but difficult thing to do successfully. Over 90% of all traders lose money because of this. They don’t practice Proper Risk Management and can’t control their emotions. Instead, they practice FOMO Investing instead of Crypto Trading.

Crypto Trading, Part 1:

Bitcoin trading is a simple but difficult thing to do successfully. Over 90% of all traders lose money because of this. They don’t practice Proper Risk Management and can’t control their emotions. Instead, they practice FOMO Investing instead of Crypto Trading.

Wouldn’t it be nice to actually be able to safely trade crypto without having to worry about liquidation, or emptying your portfolio? As someone that trades, there are many people that come into bitcoin trading like it’s a gambling or chance thing. It’s not, although there are probabilities. It’s all about risk management and not getting too greedy or too fearful.

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In this part 1, we will cover the following topics:

Benefits of bitcoin trading and crypto trading

The truth about crypto

Crypto Calls

Why you get rekt

Best Crypto Trading Signals on Telegram

Benefits of Bitcoin Trading and Crypto Trading

The cryptocurrency marketcap are WELL UNDER $1 Trillion USD at the time of writing. That is a TINY market. More on that later. The next closes comparison is the forex trading market. Forex trading may seem different to crypto investors but it’s actually a close relative, because they are also trading currencies. Just traditional ones.

The forex trading market is the LARGEST financial market in the world. It’s sitting at $5.1 Trillion in daily volume (ref) vs the stock market at $84 Billion and the crypto market at $40 Billion. Crypto is mostly derivatives trading though, so it may just be only $4B to $10B in actual volume.

That means the cryptocurrency market has room to make you a lot of money. With bitcoin alone, you can make a living trading, not including alts.

Bitcoin trading vs Crypto Trading

But back to the benefits…someone can take a small amount, safely trade crypto daily, and bring home enough to brag to friends about. Can this be done in stocks? Most likely not. Options? Possible. Forex? Yes, but the part that is a benefit and a curse is the crypto volatility.

A small market has high volatility because there are not as many buyers and sellers in the market compared to the actual money being thrown aroud. Said another way, there aren’t enough people to stop a “whale” (person with a lot of money) from either dumping the price down or pumping the price up, just yet.

For a trader, we don’t need to see all time highs in bitcoin in order to make money. We just care about the day to day price fluctuations. We care about the profits NOW, not in the future. The benefit of crypto trading is that you see your profits immediately, instead of waiting for we don’t know how many years.

The other benefit is that you don’t have to watch the chart at all times and fall in love with a specific crypto project or direction. Instead of being a perma bull (thinking the price will go up), you can let the market tell you what direciton to proceed in on the day.

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The Truth About Crypto

The cold hard truth is, even with the benefits outlined above, most people that trade crypto don’t do so with safety or proper risk management involved. They go out and look at a chart, and try to learn and fail, and keep trying while bragging about being a “HODLR” (someone that holds an asset for a long time after getting rekt).

They then go to youtube and find these “trading” youtubers that never show a single trade, and follow their guidelines. What happens next is predictable…they lose money the majority of the time and they bounce from “strategy” to “strategy” until they are almost tapped out.

Most people approach cryptocurrency trading as a gamble or an emotional thing.

They FOMO invest into the market and leave with lighter bags than they started with. They say that someone is “lucky” to make money in the crypto market, but that isn’t the case, it’s just that they don’t know what to do.

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Crypto Calls

crypto calls

Top Crypto Calls

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Why You Get Rekt

Have you ever entered into a trade and then the trade seemed to go against you? What about if you entered a long position, yet the market went short? Then you changed to short and it went long? Have you ever noticed how the price of bitcoin could go up 35% and you still somehow would lose money? *Long = Price goes up. Short = Price goes down.

Well, you get rekt because you come in without a plan, don’t have proper risk management, don’t have a crypto call group, and fomo invest. You are stuck in trades you don’t want to be in and then leave them or get liquidated because you aren’t focused. We, help you focus. Join us, here.

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