Copy Trading Explained

Copytrading is a trading strategy that is used by a large number of retailinvestors. By doing copy trading traders can easily open and close tradesaccording to the strategies implemented by larger, and usually moreexperienced, traders.

Copy trading is a trading strategy that is used by a large number of retail investors. By doing copy trading traders can easily open and close trades according to the strategies implemented by larger, and usually more experienced, traders.  

Copy trading became very popular in the last years thanks to the expansion of social trading platforms. Nowadays, there are several brokers that are offering copy trading to users.

What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is a trading strategy in which traders copy all the trades opened by larger and experienced traders. For example, if a trader opens a long position in a specific stock, then the investor that is doing copy trading would do the same.

It is worth taking into consideration that if you do copy trading, you are also able ot stop doing that. You are free to decide whether you follow all the trades opened by an investor or not.

Moreover, copy trading forex account should always follow the market and understand the general situation of the industry. This would allow them to understand why some trades are opened and why others are closed.

An alternative trading strategy that users can follow is Trading Signals groups. Trading signals groups are expert traders that provide trading signals using Telegram and that can help investors open profitable trades in a wide range of markets and assets. AltSignals is one of the most profitable and popular trading signals groups.

What is Copy Trading Forex?

Copy trading forex is one of the different possibilities offered by trading platforms to follow. For example, it is possible to do copy trading only in the forex market. That means that only the traders related to the forex market are the ones to be copied.

The forex market is one of the largest in the world. It allows traders to exchange currencies and make profits with their fluctuation. Nowadays, it is possible to open an account in any of the most popular brokers and get access to the forex market.

Some of the most popular trading pairs of the forex market include EUR/USD, GBP/EUR and USD/JPY, among others. If you do copy trading forex, then you would only be opening and closing positions related to the forex market.

How Safe is Copy Trading?

The first thing that we need to mention is that copy trading is as risky as not performing copy trading and trading on our own. Why? Because we don’t know what can happen. That means that the markets are not offering us certainties, but just hints to what could happen. Thus, copy trading is not risk fee. Even the most popular traders failed.

However, copy trading could be a way for newcomers that do not know which assets to trade or which trends are taking place to have better information about the markets. Thus, by simply doing copy trading, they can start making profits and learning about the market.

If you do cryptocurrency copy trading you should take into account that the market is very volatile. This could be an added risk to your position. Thus, you should always be aware that some markets are more volatile and riskier than others.

It is also important to do proper risk management. That means that you should know the risk involved in each of the trades and how this could affect your portfolio. By using a proper risk management strategy, you might be able to reduce the risk substantially. Nevertheless, there will be no risk-free trade. Thus, doing your own risk management and assessing the risk involved in each of the trades is going to be certainly important for traders.

What is the best Copy Trading Platform?

There are several trading platforms that are allowing users to do copy trading. For example, eToro copy trading is perhaps the most popular one to do copy trading. One of the main advantages of eToro is that it allows users to follow a large number of other traders.

Considering the platform has been expanding in the last years, it is possible to get access to some of the best traders sharing their positions.

Nevertheless, rather than doing copy trading, automatizing traders shared by AltSignals could be also one of the best ways to trade in the market. They are now sharing trading signals for the forex market, for stocks, gold and also cryptocurrencies. One of the most popular solutions they have is related to Binance futures and trading crypto futures contracts.

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