Binance - How to Deposit on Binance?

Firstly! To get started with this service and activity, you need to transfer funds to your Binance account to use cryptocurrency trading! If you’re looking for a way to withdraw from binance then you can find out on our blog.

Firstly! To get started with this service and activity, you need to transfer funds to your Binance account to use cryptocurrency trading! If you’re looking for a way to withdraw from binance then you can find out on our blog.

Deposit cryptocurrency on Binance!

Binance offers over 150 different cryptocurrencies, with the service you can store on any stock exchange. In this guide, we will show you how to save Binance coins from BNB Trust Wallet as an example.

First, go to the Binance home page and you’ll find your profile icon in the top corner. Click on it to find your dashboard, where you can find the various features of the site.

From there, select Deposit and press it. You will then be automatically redirected to the deposit site!

Binance Dashboard

When the page is opened. You will notice that you can choose which coin you wish to deposit. It is important to remember and know that some deposits cannot be made or are not available for certain encryption techniques.

Deposit details you will find on the right side and Coin picking option you will find on the left side.

Binance deposit

Note that the Cryptocurrency you have selected may have different settings and attention notifications than those set out in our instructions. For Binance coins, MEMO is required when depositing Binance coins.

When you have read, and understood the announcement, press “Understand” and you can continue!

Binance Deposit BNB coin

When you move on to the next step, the BNB your deposit address will appear with the MEMO deposit. If you do not include MEMO in the deposit, your deposit will be lost!

Why is a MEMO required?

A MEMO is required because the BNB deposit address is identical for all users of the service. This particular MEMO is a unique identifier for each account that Binance uses to identify the correct deposit and refund associated with the account.

Binance Memo

Now that you can find your deposit details. You can open the wallet from which you would like to deposit! In this example, we are using the Trust Wallet app we just announced. We are using the IOS version, so the view may be different on other models!

If you don’t have a Trust Wallet wallet yet, do so and find the app on their website.

Once you have the application installed, open the wallet and select the coin you want to send. In our example we use Binance Coin (BNB).

Trust Wallet

Now click on “Send.”

Trust Wallet

At this point, you need to enter your Binance Deposit Address and MEMO. A simple way is to enter your address and scan the Binance QR code. You can see this by clicking “View QR Code” on the website.

Send BNB
Binance QR-Code











Once you have entered the information, you can submit the transaction and your Binance account will be credited with some time.

Binance transaction

Purchasing cryptocurrency with credit card!

With Binance, you can also buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card. Go and go to your dashboard, which can be found, for example, in the top corner of your Profile icon. From there, select the Buy and Sell section and press it to open your own site, where you can choose the option to purchase. Click “Buy by credit card” and you’ll be redirected to the next page.

Binance Dashboard

On this page, you can choose which coin you want to buy and how much you want. Fees are already included in that price!

Payment Method
Buy/Sell Crypto

Once you have defined the quantity you want, press “Buy Now”. You’ll see a notification where you can confirm your order and see a breakdown of your payment.

Be sure to read the disclaimer and terms of use! Then accept them and press Go to Payment to proceed to the next step.


At this point, you need to enter your credit card information and other information. When you’re done, press ‘Pay Now’

Visa Card Binance

If this is your first Simplex payment for some reason, you will need to confirm your email address and phone number before using the service. You will receive a verification code for these systems!

To complete the verification process, you’ll need to open the link sent to you and add the private code you received via SMS.

Once you’ve done these and you’re done, click Continue!


In the next section, you will need to verify your identity with an official document.

Download an image of your document and enter your personal information and click “Submit Document”.


Your documents will be reviewed and, if approved, will receive an email informing you of your purchase!

Your Binance account will be credited with the amount of cryptocurrency you have purchased!

If the purchase or document is not approved, you will also receive an email specifying the problems!

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