How to Convert Dust on Binance?

This so-called Dust that refers to the world of Cryptocurrency. This is an extremely small number of coins or tokens. The amount of this dust is usually so small that it is very often overlooked or completely ignored.

What is Dust?

Crypto Dust is an extremely small number of coins or tokens in the cryptocurrency market. The amount of this dust is usually so small that it is very often overlooked or completely ignored. After all, Bitcoin's Cryptocurrency can be divided into 100 million tiny Satoshis, giving one Satoshi 0.00000001 bitcoins.

This amount of dust is usually less than a few hundred Satoshi. The amounts are often lower than the transfer fees required for cryptocurrency. Most stock exchanges have a minimum requirement for the use of these small Dust Satoshis, which may not usually be able to be settled through payments. However, this is a small amount in global trade.In our system Binance you can turn this dust into a Binance Coin (BNB).

How to convert your dust?

Step 1: Go to Binance

To convert your dust into Binance Coin, go to the Binance main page and go to funds and click on balances!

Step 2: Click on Convert to BNB

In the balances page - click on the button “Convert to BNB”

Step 3: Select the Dust you Want to Convert to BNB

In this section, you can see how to convert coins into Binance coins (BNB)The minimum value for dust must be less than 0.001 BTC.

Step 4: Confirm

You can freely convert multiple coins at once if you wish. Once you have selected the coins you want to change, Binance will give you an estimate of how many Binance coins you will receive in the exchange.Remember, this is only an estimate at the current market value. The correct amount will be displayed at the moment of conversion, which is determined when you press the “Convert BNB” to Coins button.You will then receive a confirmation window.

Press the Confirm button and you will be automatically directed and you will receive confirmation message that the conversion is complete.

Please note that Binance currently only accepts this procedure once per 6 hours. To view your conversion history, remember that coins that have been removed from the list are no longer available for conversion.After all this, you will see BNB Coin Balance in your panel.

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