AltSignals Year-In-Review With New Record Profits For BitMex Users

The crypto trading signals provider AltSignals has closed a very profitable year for users of BitMex and Binance. FX traders were also able to enjoy a very good year of trading activity.

The crypto trading signals provider AltSignals has closed a very profitable year for users of BitMex and Binance. FX traders were also able to enjoy a very good year of trading activity. Before starting this article, AltSignals provides crypto trading signals through Telegram and it also allows users to have an in-depth market analysis of cryptocurrencies.In this article, we will share with you which were the most important achievements of AltSignals and how they helped users improve their trading strategies over time. Moreover, trading with AltSignals provided large profits to many users in the space.

Cryptocurrency Market

In 2019, the market experienced two main trends. During the first part of 2019, the market started to go out of the bear trend in which it was in 2018. While 2018 was a very hard year for Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies, 2019 started as a promising year for a wide range of digital assets.Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC) and Binance Coin (BNB) were the virtual currencies that led the market in the first half of 2019. Each of them was pushed higher for different reasons. For example, Bitcoin experienced a price increase from $3,400 to $13,750 in June.

Litecoin led the market due to the narrative around its halving event in August. During the first 6 months of the year, Litecoin experienced a massive price increase that helped investors pay close attention once again to one of the oldest and best performing cryptocurrencies in the world.Meanwhile, Binance Coin was pushed higher to over $39 due to the different partnerships signed by the Binance cryptocurrency exchange and how they were able to expand the use cases of the BNB digital asset. Moreover, Binance released new products and services to the market such as a blockchain network, the Binance Launchpad to release Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) and the Binance DEX.

Nonetheless, the gains were erased in the second half of 2019. Indeed, Bitcoin fell below $7,000 several times in the last months, Litecoin reached $39 and Binance Coin fell below $15 for a short period of time.Since June, the market is waiting for Bitcoin and other digital assets to start growing again and this 2020 could be the moment in which Bitcoin surpasses its previous all-time high.

Despite that, AltSignals has been very profitable in both the first and second part of 2019. The team behind AltSignals provides profitable trading signals for users in the cryptocurrency market.

AltSignals Year-In-Review

BitMex traders following AltSignals started the year (January 2019) with a win rate of 82% and a total profit of 1350%. The best month of the year was December with a win rate of 92% and a profit of 4875%. The worst month for BitMex users following the AltSignals crypto trading signals group was October 2019 with a win rate of 84% and a total profit of 1257%.There was no negative month for BitMex users, which were able to trade with leverage and with a nice number of trading pairs.

AltSignals 513 signals to enter and leave the crypto market. 416 of these signals were winning trades, meaning there were 81% profitable trades for users in the last entire year.AltSignals has also started to offer Forex signals for other traditional trades that also undertake their activities in other markets rather than the cryptocurrency space. Trading with the FX market is also very positive for crypto traders that want to expand their activities outside the blockchain space because the markets are not related.FX signals started to be provided in October 2019.

AltSignals shared with users 69 trading signals of which 55 were profitable. That means that almost 80% of the trades were winning trades.Regarding Binance trading signals, it is worth mentioning that the winning rate and profits are usually smaller than in the BitMex exchange. The main reason behind that is that Binance has a larger number of trading pairs and on the BitMex platform, the team of AltSignals trades with leverage.

AltSignals provided 582 signals for Binance traders in 2019. Users experienced a winning rate of 72% throughout the whole year.AltSignals works in both bull and bear markets, meaning users should expect gains and profits in unfavourable bear markets and also in bull trends. This is certainly positive because holders tend to lose large amounts of funds in bear markets such as in the second half of 2019 or the entire 2018.


AltSignals has been working in order to offer crypto and FX trading signals to users from all around the world in different market conditions. The results were very positive in 2019 and they are expected to continue and remain growing in 2020.

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