AltSignals Releases Bitmex April Results With 94% Winning Rate

AltSignals crypto trading signals released its new monthly report for the BitMex exchange. According to the official announcement, they have registered a winning rate of 94% in April 2020. 

The surprising fact is related to the fact that only one over eighteen trades didn’t register gains. This demonstrates AltSignals focuses on quality rather than quantity. Most of the gains were performed on the XBT trading pair with leverage of 100x. It is also worth pointing out that AltSignals trades with tight stop-loss orders that would reduce the losses if the trade doesn’t go in the expected direction. 

Most of the gains were provided by long- and mid-term trades compared to short-term trades in the market. The most profitable trade was provided by the XBT trading pair on April 23 with a profit of 589% with a duration of 138 hours. 

The recently released report shows improved results compared to March’s report in which AltSignals registered 81% winning rate. In February and January, the results were equal to 75% and 85%, respectively. 

Cryptocurrencies Moving Higher

Cryptocurrencies have been moving higher in recent days just two before the upcoming Bitcoin (BTC) halving. Bitcoin is going to be reducing its rewards for miners from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC. This could have a positive effect on the market in the next days. 

AltSignals has been a leader in the market offering trading signals for BitMex users. They allowed individuals and customers to make profits while trading cryptocurrencies. The current volatility in the market and a possible bull run in the space could make it easier for AltSignals to provided winning rates for users. 

You can see all AltSignals’ results following this link.

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