AltSignals Releases November Report Registering Massive Success Rates and Profits

The recognized trading signals site AltSignals released its November reports for BitMex, FX and Binance.The results are very positive in all these categories with the best performance registered by BitMex users and signals followers

The recognized trading signals site AltSignals released its November reports for BitMex, FX and Binance.The results are very positive in all these categories with the best performance registered by BitMex users and signals followers.AltSignals is one of the few crypto trading signals providers that releases monthly reports with the results they had. This makes of it a trustworthy and distinguished trading signals provider in the crypto market.

BitMEX AltSignals Results

BitMex users that followed AltSignals trades were able to register an 86% success rate on 37 different signals provided throughout the last month.The total profit registered was 2,888% on 37 trades during the 30 days of November. Only 5 trades registered losses, while 32 of them were profitable. If you would have only followed the winning trades, you would have made a 3,650% profit.One of the best trades last month was one with a profit of 500.6418% in a period of 1 day, 10 hours and 23 minutes.

BitMex is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the market in terms of liquidity and trading volume. At the same time, it offers the possibility for users to trade with leverage up to 100x.

According to the report, one of the best trades was performed on November 27 with an XBT contract with 100 leverage in which they buying rate was $7,095 and the sell rate $7,400. This registered a profit of 430% in just 4.9 hours.The most profitable day was registered on November 27 with a profit of 1342%.

Binance AltSignals Results

For users that followed Binance trading signals, the success rate was 68.2% and a total profit of 245% in the last month. There were 15 winning trades registering a profit or 280% and 7 loss trades with a loss rate of 36%.The top wins were registered by FTM/BTC with a profit of 36%, REQ/BTC with a profit of 34.9% and XTZ/BTC with a profit of 28.4%. The date of these trades were 28/10, 1/11 and 19/11, respectively.

The main advantage of Binance is that it offers users the possibility to trade a wide range of altcoins that other exchanges do not offer. Thus, Binance becomes a very important exchange for periods in which altcoins experience high volatility.The most profitable day was registered on November 15 with a profit of 55.1%.With AltSignals you will be able to follow a winning and profitable strategy while trading on Binance or BitMex.

FX AltSignals Results

AltSignals is not only operating crypto-related trading signals but they are also offering FX-related services for traders in traditional markets.The results are also surprisingly positive. The success rate was 81% with 1019 total pips. The winning trades were 17 compared to just 4 wrong trades.According to the report released by AltSignals, the top winning trades were XAU/USD on November 12 with 174 pips. This was followed by GBP/AUD with 105 pips and EUR/NZD with 87 pips. These trades were open for 42.8, 6, and 77.2 hours, respectively.The most profitable day was registered on November 22 with 204 pips.

FX Trading Results November 2019

Traders can get a free trial to test these signals by signing up here and messaging one of the admins of the trading signals on Telegram. You will need yo have a bdswiss ID and send it to the admin to get a free trial.


AltSignals has proven once again that it is possible to trade profitably using their trading signals.Despite registering massive gains in just a month using a wide range of platforms, BitMex ended up being the most profitable platform to trade due to the leverage that can be applied while trading.If you want to know more about how to trade with Margin using BitMex, you can read the guide we wrote about it.AltSignals offers trading signals not only to beginner users but also to experienced traders that want to enhance their trading strategies.The company is offering services since late 2017 and it has already been considered one of the most trusted crypto trading signals providers in the market.If you want to check all the results and see them with more details you can visit the official site.

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